Misérable Miracle

by collection

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released September 9, 2015

Composé et écrit par Clément Sbaffe,
sauf extraits de "Fairy Land" et "The Sleeper" de Edgar Allan Poe.
Enregistré aux studios de l'Hacienda par Stéphane Piot.
Produit et mixé par Collection.
Masterisé par Antoine Nouel.
Pochette confectionnée par Apolicarpio.

Clément Sbaffe, Thibaut le Hénaff et Tom Gay font Collection.

Merci à toi, Ianis Robin Mylord, Stéphane Piot, Jo Verne,
Mathieu Gaud, Alligator Baby et tout le Creature Club.

Ab Records — septembre 2015



all rights reserved


collection Lyon, France

Collection accumule les objets sonores glanés sur son chemin, les arrachant à leur utilité pour en susciter un sens nouveau. Dans son cabinet de curiosité, les merveilles fréquentent les monstres et l’abeille tutoie le loup. On tend alors l’oreille à ce que Collection veut bien nous dire de ses obsessions, à ce que la pudeur nous révèle de rugueux, à la sagesse d’un loup qui tutoie une abeille. ... more

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Track Name: Fairy Land
How deep is the ocean ?
Do we see the same moon ?
You are way too far
Please come closer.
Now, you come closer.

Dim vales, and shadowy floods,
And cloudy looking woods
Whose forms we can't discover
For the tears that drip all over :
Huge moons there wax and wane,
Again, again, again,
Comes down, still down, and down.
In the morning they arise,
And their moony covering
Is soaring in the skies,
With the tempests as they toss,
Like, almost anything,
Or a yellow Albatross.
They use that moon no more
For the same end as before,
Videlicet, a tent,
Which I think extravagant:
Its atomies, however,
Into a shower dissever,
Of which those butterflies
Of Earth, who seek the skies,
And so come down again
(Never contented things!)
Have brought a specimen
Upon their quivering wings.
Track Name: Daylight Splash
Dressed up in my mourn
Left alone cold as stone
Shaking on the seashore
Waiting for the tide to rise.
You shot me a brief glance,
I gave you a wave back.
I'm secretly glad to have you here
I'm sure I don't wanna let you down.
I acted childlike for a while,
I won't reap any benefit,
So I keep head down 'cause I'm sad
But I smile, yes I'll always smile if you're around.

I'm secretly glad to have you back
You brought me daylight, underground.
I'm secretly glad to have you here
You brought me daylight, underground.

Like a lost young sailor
I lay down on the black sand
Can't get rid of this smile on my face
When the sun comes out, as I feel your footsteps.
Tumbling waters reach me,
but why can't you show me love and hate ?
Our sun-kissed youth is gone,
Then the night falls out and I can't hear no footsteps
in the sand.
Track Name: Last Grief
I didn't sleep for many months
But I'm not tired,
Except I'm tired being me
'cause I'm a liar.
Now I feel my head is heavy
Full of sorry, dreary ideas,
So I drop off dull
as I'm drived too soft.
Dispraising myself as I always did,
If I feel better and dumb
For me pain means pleasure.
Before I put an end to all of this,
I spit my grief in front of me
I spit my grief.

We slept the sleep
Of the dead.
I'm not wishful
Just shaken.

Sitted on my chair in my hideout
Having a lot to point out
And think about.
Got the weapon of the success in a hand.
I do not take this as a remedy,
But a lost game.
Despicable poor me
Consumed by the act,
I do not want to serve
All the people I misprise.
Dispraised in the end
By all means.
Spit my grief in front of me,
spit my grief.
Track Name: Mutual Assured Destruction
Do you wanna listen to my swan song ?
I gathered each and every crumbs from
From the sweet nothings and wrong mishaps
We've finally left far away behind.
I've never wanted to feel too proud
And my faint crooked look remains a sign of
Of how weak and brittle I am.
Anyway, none of us has a spotless mind.

The empathy you claim is a lie.

I counted down the freckles on your cheeks
And that was enough to give me chills.
I knew I would never have the guts
To turn around and face.
I watch myself from above me
See me cavin in and break :
In front of this mean words i'm drained.
Would you even come to my funeral ?
Track Name: Alien Victim
With my candid friends we went
Back to a shadowy worn shed.
Once we've already met there for a sunset,
We painted shapes with our hands.
From the mouth to the eyelids
From the forehead to the chin
Who dare to claim we're scary now,
That we're not kids anymore ?

It's a last try, unhappy failure.
Stripped of any precious detail,
With my hands on my head
Screaming wild for attention.
Thought I was the last soul in the shed,
When a dim beam of pale light spread,
Found the way to its alien victim
And left me voiceless.
Track Name: Island in the Mist
I'm late and gladly received, at last
But still confused about the idea.
The ceremony comes to an end,
as you shiver saying 'welcome home'.
The sea suddenly turns to black,
And the tears on my cheeks get dull as we talk.
Covered in tiny shiny drops,
Lost looking at the midnight sky.
At last the day arises
I wake up fast and leave
I can feel you're watching.
Did you try something about the future of this plan ?
You lose all what you seed,
some liquor should solve it.
You run into this maze of streets,
In a city you can't recall from your dumped memory.
Surrounded by lies,
Catch up by a giant bird
Who claimed that I stole your child.
That was yesterday night.

You are fixing, you are back, you are crying.

You won't come back to the island in the mist,
Because you found solace, in the boy you kissed.
Track Name: The Sleeper
At midnight in the month of june
I stand beneath the mystic moon.
An opiate vapor dewy dim
Exhales from out her golden rim.
Oh lady bright can it be right ?
This window open to the night.
The wanton airs from the tree top
Laughingly to the lattice drop.

I swap the flame, I swap the flame
And admit it's a fail.
But I'll never forget you turned
The child I was into a man.
Can I call you Lady Bright ?
Does your nickname sounds right ?
It's only misunderstandings
And missed chances.

The lady sleeps, oh may her sleep
Which is enduring, so be deep.
Heaven have her in sacred keep
This chamber changed for one more holy.
My love she sleeps oh may her sleep,
As it is lasting, so be deep.
Soft may the worms about her creep
Far in the forest, dim and old.
Track Name: Enfant Sauvage
No more useless teardrops
As an excuse for being dumb.
Mean is the way to consume
The strength that only you could reach.
Please me with your attitude,
And fit the purpose I intend to
Teach to anyone.
You wise as a bee, I sage like a wolf.

Am I okay when you define
The limits of your sympathy ?
Magical drops of pouring rain
Seed our deed for a century.
In front of this we proudly remain
You wise as a bee, I sage like a wolf.
The silence seals the last day
And we fade out into purple shades.